CEMA Standard Idler

TX ROLLER represent the highest quality CEMA B C D E standard conveyor idler to assist our customers in helping make their plant/mine/facility to become more efficient, safe and productive.

CEMA B C D E conveyor idler:
Triple sealed, ball bearing design;
External Shield deters impurities from entering the bearing housing;
Triple Labyrinth Seal design is grease filled and offers an additional level of protection from contaminants impacting the bearing;

CEMA B C D E Conveyor Idler Processing Step:

* Tube ―→ Auto Cutting ―→ Auto Lathing Hole ―――

→ CO₂Arc Welded ―→ Sandblasting ―→ Powder Coated Paint

* Bearing Housing ――――→ Auto Lathing Edge ―――↓

* Shaft ―→ Auto Sawing ―→ Auto Shaft Milling ―→ Shaft End Processing ―――――――――→ Pressing Bearing & Seals

CEMA Standard Conveyor Idler

Technical Testing